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What's in my Clutch Bag?

Hey Fashion Lovers!

Clutch Bags are essential & all time favorite for parties and wedding season. It's the most convenient way to carry the necessary stuff along with style statement. Personally I do like to carry Clutch Bag on Eid and weddings. I had purchased few clutch bags in most of them are in gold and silver. Carrying Gold and silver colored clutches bags could save money because these could match with most traditional dresses, especially for wedding season. In Pakistan, most of our party wear are totally embellish with gold & silver. Personally carry a simple bag makes your look elegant. If you are carry such heavy embellish bag plus your dress is heavily embellish too.  This could distract other person eye and ruin your entire look.

What's in my Clutch Bag?

My Clutch Bag is not that much small in size. It's huge for capacity, I used to keep lots of items as can you see the photos. It's most simple in shape and in solid bronze color. I'm carrying this Clutch Bag since 16 months. 

Essential things must have in Clutch Bag

Must have in Clutch Bag: 

Cell Phone: Without cell phone is like river without water. Life is dead without cell phone. So it's hard to forget the cell phone at home. I left my cell phone at home once when I was in university. That was a silly mistake. It was a bad feeling like disconnecting people. 

Membership or ID Card:  In Pakistan, without ID card none enter any institution easily. As Pakistan is facing terrorism. For such security reason, every Pakistani must have Id Card on pocket or bag. I'm  pretty reckless, and to me it's hard to take care of my ID card. I wish this terrorism will remove soon. So this could make my life more easier. 

Comb: Every girl should have right comb in Clutch Bag, especially on night outs and weddings. Personally I do carry comb, this is essential for all events. Whether you're leaving for college, every girl must have comb in the bag. 

Mirror: Carrying a mirror along with yourself is a habit to most people. Perhaps many girls can't forgot pocket-sized mirror. 

Makeup:  A girl used to carry makeup for touch ups. Personally I used to put lip products like lip balm and lip gloss. A blush and pocket sized blush brush.  For eyes I prefer mascara. Plus a sample sized perfume. As I'm out of sample sized perfume that is why you can't see any of it. I'll get it soon.

Camera: If you're hitting any party. Camera is the first need to save the memories. It could be optional to few people for some extent. Personally I do carry camera. It's must to me. I wish I could have  another camera so I can show you guys my Sony Cybershot. 

Membership Card, Cell Phone, Camera, Comb & Brush, lip products, Mascara and Blush

Hope you discover this post interesting.

So what are you hiding in your clutch bags? Hope you will reveal it by commenting below.

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  1. Dior lip products are great! But I recently fell in love with YSL! Just blogged it today.. check it out! Happy blogging Maria! <3


    1. I wish YSL is available in Pakistan. So it's easy to grab those pretty packaging lip-glosses :)I had checked your blog, plus commented. You have such a amazing blog :)

  2. a cell phone is a must, specially now a days!

    Check out my blog at:
    My Wild Mess

    1. Yes Indeed. Visited blog and commented on your very recent post. It's good to see back & white this year :)

  3. i always carry my cellphone, wallet, lip balm, sometimes a small notebook and a pen and of course my house keys ahaha

    1. Hehe. House keys are must. Personally I don't carry beacuse my house is a typical sweet housewife. She used to open the door with such sweet smile. God Bless our Mothers :)

  4. Cute bag, I love your phone XD If it's a formal I usually have a camera,my phone,lipstick,powder, etc.


    1. Powder is must as well. Opps I forgot to mention and picture it :(. You're good organizer though.

  5. I think I just fell in love with your phone!

    Please follow my blog & bloglovin! I always follow back!



    1. Aww. Thank you for liking my cell phone :)

  6. cute! you fit a lot in there!

    i hope you love my blog…it’s based in nyc –

    x Vittoria

    1. Thanks vittoria. Yes I did check your blog, it's amazing. You Got style missy :)

  7. i always need a mirror and my cell phone! lol. I hear you!


  8. Thanks for your message at IFB. I follow your blog.

    Clutch bags are great for going fine but not very practical!

    My link:



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