Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Sania Maskatiya pays homage to the tailoring craft with ‘Khayat – The Tailor’, at Telenor Fashion Pakistan Week!

[Pakistan, 31st March 2015]: This Spring/Summer, Pakistan’s most anticipated fashion house, SANIA MASKATIYA, pays homage to the tailoring craft with both explorative sensitivity and edgy flamboyance with their luxury Pret collection, ‘Khayat – The Tailor’ at Telenor Fashion Pakistan Week [#TFPW15] on Tuesday 31st of March 2015.  This collection follows the SANIA MASKATIYA Style PIA capsule showcase earlier in March, based on which the fashion house was selected to design the official PIA uniform cap.


Using a plush colour palette from the sedate to the snazzy, ‘Khayat - The Tailor’ uses deluxe silks to utilitarian denims as alternative canvases on which flash images from a kaarigar’s workshop glide eloquently by. Expect print motifs such as tape measure, rolls of thread, buttons, needles, ribbons and rope featured alongside near-neon paint splashes and geometric patterns. Sections of light embroidery scatter themselves about these vibrant graphic designs, lifting both the texture and mood of each piece, lending every ensemble its very own beat. In keeping with the house’s signature range of silhouettes, from crop tops to jackets and capris, to full-length flares, SANIA MASKATIYA shines a spotlight on the most necessary elements of design, launching them to the very forefront of its brand aesthetic through ‘Khayat - The Tailor’.


Speaking about her #TFPW15 showcase, Sania Maskatiya has said Our collection is steeped in the belief that much has been spoken of the craft, but not enough has been told of the tools. Therefore, with Khayat – The Tailor, we endeavor to speak boldly on the art of process and the thrill of creating.   


The SANIA MASKATIYA brand is best known for their versatile, specialised prints, textile design based on pure fabrics, unique colours, and fine craftsmanship. The brand has rapidly expanded both nationally and internationally. In Pakistan the brand boasts three stand-alone stores each of which is located in prime shopping locations both in Karachi and Lahore. The brand is further available at select national stockists. Internationally, the brand continues to develop regional and global presence; to that end SANIA MASKATIYA has been shortlisted for the coveted International Woolmark Prize and is one of the first brands from Pakistan to have staged a solo showcase at the Lakme Fashion Week in 2014. Following the SANIA MASKATIYA runway show at LFW, Bollywood star Sonam Kapoor wore a piece from the brands collection on the cover of Indian Cosmopolitan. In terms of retail and global accessibility, the brand is further available worldwide through a dedicated e-commerce store, in the Middle East through a stand-alone retail space in Dubai and in Europe, the US, Singapore and India through a series of stockists.


Sania Maskatiya’s #TFPW15 collection will be available for retail as of Monday 06th April 2015.


For more information visit:

E-store: www.saniamaskatiya.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/saniamaskatiya

Twitter: @saniamaskatiya

Instagram: saniamaskatiya

Sunday, March 29, 2015


Sana Safinaz Lawn is popular for top of the line silhouettes and gorgeous colours and this time they have put forth a collection that is even brighter and bolder. There is no denying that colours make or break an outfit, regardless of how great the pattern may be, if the colour palette isn’t exciting the outfit will not make the impression we expect it to make. Colours have a major impact on the outfit which in turn has a massive impact on our moods. Sana Safinaz lawn collection 2015 is an array of rich and flamboyant hues, doing true justice to their unparalleled parentage.

The lawn collection is an assortment of beautiful design aesthetics – they are an incredible amalgam of eastern and western designs given the outfits a conventional look with a fine contemporary edge. The fashion power house has managed to achieve great recognition and an expansive clientele by establishing a distinctive and attention-grabbing niche for themselves. 

Sana Safinaz lawn is undoubtedly the trend of the season that will be adored for its signature styles and boho patterns that are nothing short of walking works of art. 

How would it feel if you didn’t have to stand in long lines before getting your favorite lawn suit? Sounds unreal, doesn’t it? Daraz.pk hears us and has launched the entire product portfolio on it’s website on the same day as the collection’s official launch. Go grab your favorite summer must-haves, ladies!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Maybelline New York continues its Centennial Celebrations as it collaborates with Fashion Pakistan Week Spring/Summer 2015 as Official Makeup Partner

[Karachi: 28 March 2015In line with their international fashion week dominance, World’s no.1 Makeup brand, Maybelline New York continues its 100 years celebrations as it collaborates withFashion Pakistan Week S/S 2015 as the platform’s Official Makeup Partner. The Fashion Pakistan Week S/S 2015 will be held in Karachi from 31stMarch to 3rd April 2015.


The creative team of ‘N-pro by Nabila’ will be commemorating Maybelline New York’s 10 decades of global beauty excellence via a conceptualization of 10 unique looks drawing inspiration from specificeras within the past 100 years, complementing each participating designer/brand’s FPW 2015 collection.


Using Maybelline’s vast range of products, team ‘N-pro by Nabila’ will be interpreting and defining trends from different eras, specifically: 1920’s Fire Glamour, 1930’s Siren in Rouge, 1940’s Pinup Glamour, 1950’s Bombshell Glamour, 1960’s Mod rocker, 1970’s Disco Diva, 1980’s Electric Raver, 1990’s Au Natural Wonder, 2000’s Socialite and the Future Fearless Women and in the process will betranscending the boundaries of traditional fashion aesthetics while chartering new avenues of style and chic.


These looks will be created for all participating designers and brands including Nida Azwer,designers of the Bank Alfalah Rising Talent Show, Lala Textiles, Sania MaskatiyaFnkasia, Hand made by Madiha Raza, Sadaf Malaterre, Amir Adnan, Sanam ChaudhriJafferjees, Abdul SamadZaheerAbbas, Caanchi & Lugari presents Bugatti, GulAhmed, Fahad Hussayn, Body Focus Museum, Levi’s, Somal Halepoto, YBQ, Wardha Saleem, Sania Maskatiya for AlkaramInaaya, HSY, Sonya Battla, Fifth Element Swarovski by RizwanullahDaaman, Zara Shahjahan, Deepak Perwani, Aamna Aqeel and Shamaeel Ansari.


“Internationally, Maybelline New York has always been at the forefront of trend setting beauty at theworld’s biggest fashion weeks. Solidifying a partnership with Fashion Pakistan Week is truly exciting for us, and even more so this year where Maybelline New York turns 100 years. FPW is a unique and impactful platform where creative fashion trends are brought to life and we are proud to celebrate the colorful past and bright future of Maybelline New York with FPW this year” saidMoazzam Ali Khan, General Manager CPD Division of L’Oréal Pakistan (parent company of Maybelline).


We are excited to announce Maybelline New York as the Official Make-Up Sponsor for Fashion Pakistan Week. Their bold, inventive and accessible approach to make-up makes Maybelline an ideal partner and complements the diverse range of creative talent showing at FPW S/S 2015.” saidSanam Chaudhri, Chairperson Fashion Pakistan Council.


For further information, please log on to:



Saturday, February 21, 2015

THE RED MUSK FASHION RAMP" By The Body Shop Pakistan

The one of a kind scandalous themed, fashion show brings together on one run way the promotion of one of the most classic fragrance ever by The Body Shop - The daring RED MUSK featuring the trendiest and influentially bold “Arora” by Roma.

Break the rules and play the game!

Yes, this is what happened after this very fragrance and a scandalous ramp. It's been almost seventeen years now that The Body Shop has discontinued the scent "Wood Musk" which was loved by many. The loyal customers of The Body Shop waited eagerly and pleaded The Body Shop to bring 'MUSK' back to their lives. A distinctive, free spirited scent, to date by The Body Shop named as Red Musk.
This extra ordinary scent "Red Musk" is a combination of natures very much claimed 'hotness' and 'graceful addiction'. The ingredients to Red Musk happen to be pepper, cinnamon and tobacco. Stunned to know this exuberant combination. Red Musk is not a typical feminism smell instead an identity manipulator. The fragrance redefines a women and provokes a more bold side of her. No flowers, no sugar, no coconut, no fruit, just warm spicy sexiness. Not every women desires to be smelled like a fruit and a flower. Red Musk by The Body Shop is perfect for the grown up us in all and by grown up it means a matured sophisticated side. The Body Shop more or less promoted women empowerment through this unique smell.

A distinct eye catching clothing line with scandalous look by "Arora" portrayed the image of the Red Musk amazingly well. The Red Musk fashion show was a roar from all those women who believe to exist out of bounds. Here it is that something, Wear your identity! Be your self! Be scandalous! Be red!Red musk involves unusual spices oil extracts and not flowers for the aroma. Thanks to the Arabs and European explorers who contributed in spreading them around the globe, immensely broadening their use. The Body Shop didn't take it for granted and made the best use out of the three. The Body Shop re-released 'musk' which was being craved by their loyal customers for long by making use of pepper, cinnamon and tobacco. Red musk is a bold and blunt combination of the three being used efficiently and effectively for the aroma therapy. Red Musk by The Body Shop being the first fragrance with man-made cruelty-free musk. It won't be wrong if said Red Musk by The Body Shop exploits people's idealism and introduces new standards.

Red Musk by The Body Shop is something you will be complimented upon. Red Musk is a revival in the scent industry by The Body Shop. One whiff of Red Musk by The Body Shop... And Be hold! Play grown up when wear Red Musk by The Body Shop. Red Musk by The BodyShop blends in so well with the body chemistry that it doesn't hit you or anyone over the head. Red Musk soothes you and doesn't spin your head. Red Musk by The Body Shop being very sophisticated classy and affordable is wanted by the most at the moment. The Body shop is totally wondrous. Red Musk being spicy warm and gorgeous is exactly what everyone wants in winters. One of the very reason it is being demanded and loved by all. Many women tried it skeptically knowing the unusual ingredients but fell head over and heals in love with it. Red Musk is worth every dime, specially this very season. Red Musk's warm spicy sultry fragrance is being worn and wanted by the majority. The most "in" and "it" thing for the fashion lovers. The musk that is used overpowers the cinnamon and intensifies the smokiness of fragrance giving it a very sexy finish over all. Red Musk by The Body Shop blends in you so well which makes it warm and comforting like that of a smell of a lover being the bestest smell ever . Red Musk by The Body Shop is a high level romance which changes you attitude. Red Musk by The Body Shop is more like heavenly ornament which can be felt.


Scandalous themed ramp complimented Red Musk amazingly well. It can't be more apt. "Arora" being the designer of the fashion show didn't disappoint any. The very chic cloth line exhibited through the very talented young models of Islamabad grabbed the attention of the enthusiastic audience. The showcased line amplified that attitude ; attitude being scandalous !
There were two music performances by Umair Jaswal and Maria Fatima Unera Qureshi. The very known and liked Umair Jaswal of Qayaas ( Pakistan's pioneer in progressive rock music) surprised the audience when he appeared down the catwalk singing( mention the song ). Even more of a surprise to catch Maria Fatima Unera Qureshi ; Nescafé Basement finest promising talent on the ramp with the models while she sang. Both the artist walked the ramp with grace and and were at ease while performing their very songs.

The Music performance was not the only entertainment. Smash after smash, two dance performances beautifully done left the invitees in an awe. Taking them to an other world. Leaving them mesmerised and hypnotised. The invitees enjoyed it thoroughly and didn't miss a single move.
The most scandalous ramp ever and scandalous also means awesome here. Skin is indeed in, for now and forever. It depends on how fashionably and sincerely it is magnified. "Arora" unveiled impressively. Their presence made it worth the efforts involved. The fashion show was a huge success and talk of the town. People from all walks of life attended the Red Musk Fashion Ramp. Socialites and celebrities from Islamabad attended the event with great zeal and admiration.

Not to forget “Faiza's" one of the best names in the make up artist fraternity who contributed in the make over enhancing the look of the models in particular and the whole event in general. "Faiza's" ultra modern touch up using The Body Shop Products made an isloo night scandalous for the people who attended the fashion show.

Red Musk Fashion Ramp was certainly a memorable event. The turn out was huge and commendable. Constantine PR is over whelmed by the amazing response.

Red Musk, Arora ,Faiza's, Umair Jaswal, Maria Fatima Unera Qureshi and dance performances were the ingredients in the ongoing saga of Constantine PR's constant innovation management.
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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Recent Nail Haul From Daraz.pk

Hello lovelies! 

I'm back with my recent genuine and a short post. Actually I was hell busy with my newly married life. So me and my husband we were both traveling along and exploring different cities of our country Pakistan. 


So yes after a long time I ordered online few things from local websites. My first paracel from Daraz.pk was arrived yesterday and makes me more happy because it was delivered on time. 

So I have ordered two nail polishes from daraz.pk. One is from Revlon and other white one is by O.P.I. Recently Daraz.pk has loaded huge range of Revlon on their site. I was super excited to grab Revlon Parfumerie collection so I chose tropical rain which is a fresh blue color. This tropical rain color reminds me our school's uniform color. 

As I told you before the white one by O.P.I is named Alphine Snow. It's a worth buy, the application is super amazing and fulfilling my dream about white on my nails. Apparently I have not done any nail art before that much neat. I tried random nail art with the same applicator of the Aphine Snow bottle on top of Revlon Parfumerie Tropical Rain nail polish. 

And yeah this is what Happened on my nails. I think it looks cute and cool. What do you think? Are my nails look gorgeous :) 

Do comment below and let me know that you guys like this post and my current nail art. 

Take Care! xxx

Friday, January 23, 2015


The way the nation collectively uproars when Afridi lifts the bat or the inevitable arguments over dinner table as to who the best player is – we truly are a cricket crazy nation. It’s that time again when a sport becomes a common dream, inevitably drawing us all together as one nation. 

Cricket World Cup 2015, the biggest event of 2015 is just round the corner. The game has undoubtedly provided us with a plethora of new feelings of passion and allegiance and things to look forward to.  

Keeping up with the excitement and people’s demands for the most anticipated event this year, Daraz.pk has introduced incredibly fine Official Pakistan Cricket World Cup 2015 jerseys for all the cricket fanatics out there. So get in the gear don’t forget to get a selfie sticks to cheer and support our beloved team green!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sana Safinaz Collection epitomizing elegance

Sana Safinaz, a fashion label which saw its origin in 1989 is a notable success story, known for its impeccable design aesthetics. The fashion empire’s design team has a keen eye on fashion trends and is relentlessly experimenting with vibrant colours and dramatic silhouettes to bring forth collections that are adventurous and trend-setting. 

Three decades ago, the label hit off with offering haute couture and soon after it went onto expanding its product portfolio and ventured into offering the bridal trousseau, as well as prêt-à-porter. It was when it launched its signature designer lawn that the brand successfully managed to cater to the sartorial choices of all Pakistani women.

Apart from its reach all across Pakistan through brick and mortar stores, the label is also widely distributed and sought after in the Middle East, UK and USA through retail outlets and private exhibits. It has also built a strong presence online through leading online shopping portal.

The highly aspirational lawn collection sees a regular seasonal update, to keep up with the colours and styles that are on-trend. The Sana Safinaz collection 2014 this time around is fresh and contemporary, comprising flamboyant prints and fancy embroideries complimenting the clean and streamlined silhouettes, catering to the needs of the modern Pakistani women. 

Warmer fabrics such as marina and khaddar seem to be dominant in this collection with a bold colours, defined patterns and embroidered necklines giving the outfits an edge and formal look, while remaining true to affordability. 

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Bag The Trend

Bag trends keep evolving, every season there is a new style, colour and texture in vogue and fashion enthusiasts want to make sure they don’t miss out on the opportunity of jumping on every trend du jour.  While a classic big black or tan tote bag remain year-long must-haves, we can't help but peruse all the latest arm candy that is on trend.

“This season, pastel hues are in vogue. Grown-up bag packs and satchel bags are ultra-chic and structured bags are definitely the go-to statement making accessories– 2014 is all about statement accessories,” reveals Saman Javed, fashion insider at Daraz.pk

The new-season’s bag drop is an amalgamation of classy, quirky and ladylike. 

Who knew bag packs would look this chic outside high school? Admittedly, these bag packs aren’t the typical teenage school girl’s go-to accessories, but in fact, they have graduated into classy, luxe style must-have accessories for grown-ups. It’s high-street fashion to say the very least. Next in line is the satchel bag - if you want to be high on the fashion radar, as well as optimize convenience and practicality then you need to invest in a trendy satchel bag. For those who want a geek chic look, try out a satchel bag with thick-rimmed glasses. Falling in the same league of on-trend bags is the duffel bag. Indeed, these fashion accessories aren’t just for weekend getaways but also great for everyday wear – these roomy fashion must-haves are just as functional as our gym bags but look so much sexier.


This season's lineup comes equipped with fringed details, slouchy hobos or ladylike clutches, the fringe is all over the place. Patchwork theme has also been reinvented this season, making a comeback from the 70’s. Last, but not the least, leopard print officially made its way to the top, establishing itself as the black and tan equivalent. The most stylish of women handbags have been seen sporting leopard print arm candy, unleashing their animal instincts. 

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Friday, July 4, 2014

Wedding Umbrellas for Most Important Day of Your Life

Your wedding is the most special of days. It is the day that you make a commitment to your spouse. You are pledging to live your lives together. To share everything with each other and experience the world together. When you are having your wedding, it is important that you spare no expense with your decoration and planning for possible situations. If you are a fan of outdoor weddings and you have chosen to have your wedding outdoors then a wedding umbrella is a must for your wedding party and yourself. Wedding umbrellas may be easy to find but it is hard to find a good deal, that is why when you are on a search for wedding props and wedding accessories like wedding umbrellas, you need to take some time to browse the internet for the best deals on wholesale wedding umbrellas.

Wedding accessories and wedding props are great ways to spruce up your wedding, add a little bit of life and really make your special day truly unique. Although you want your wedding to be special, there are already so many costs, so the last thing you want to do is wrack up more costs when you could be getting a truly great deal. Wholesale wedding umbrellas are truly the best way to make your guests say "wow!”, While wedding umbrellas are great for show and decoration, they are also incredibly functional as well! If you are having an outdoor wedding in the summer, then wedding umbrellas are a great way to provide shade from the blistering sun. A summer wedding is truly beautiful. There is nothing better than getting married outside with the warm wind on your cheek, but the last thing you want is sweat dripping down your before you tie the knot. In case of rain you can buy wholesale wedding umbrellas for your guest so that they are not drenched in the rain. This year, wedding umbrellas are the most perfect addition for those planning an outdoor wedding!

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