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EOTD: Urban Decay Naked 2 palette

EOTD: Urban Decay Naked 2 palette Since plenty of girls are creating eye looks by using the super pigmented Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. So I also gone through to it to experiment a look which is smoked out with a pinch of rust shade. I created this look by using few layers of shades on my eye area. One can see on the below picture there I have labeled the shades that I had applied on my eyes.  Shades I had applied on my eyes This look is best for this Fall 2013. Rusted eyes looks FAB on our Pakistani skins. So give a try. Hope you like this post Happy Weekend!!

Trendy Accessories at

Hello Fashion Geeks! Heart Shaped Sunglasses The statement sunglasses are the hottest trend for summer 2013. The heart shaped sunglasses have been seen on the face of Taylor Swift's latest music video titled "22". I and my sister was finding these fun sun glasses but was failed to grab. One day we visit the . there we find trendy range of sunglasses on very affordable prices. We screamed and grab it. 

Candy Colored Fluorescent Nail Polish - Review + Swatches

Hello Fashion Geeks! Candy Colored  Fluorescent Nail Polish - Review + Swatches Today I'm super excited to show you guys my favorite color emerald on my nails.  The nail polish I have applied is a Fluorescent Nail Paint  # 6 which is available on Born Pretty  in 10 gorgeous shades.

In Mail Today - | Crabtree and Evelyn

Hello Fashion Lovers! Look guys what I got today. My  parcel is arrived, yay!! This online store really amazed me with wide range of fashion clothing to beauty. They have countless brands. I was trying to count how many brands they are working with but I was failed to count poor me.

Back To School With Cute Stationery

RECESS IS OVER!! Back To School With Cute Stationery  It's been almost three months of enjoying the summer party which seems like it never end. Yeah I 'm talking about the summer vacations - a great escape from studies and school routine. However there are many schools in Pakistan used to give summer tasks which is more healthy in terms of learning. Most of schools are starting from next week. So most of your kids are packing their bags with loads of stationery. The best part of starting the school again is to get brand new stationery. So I thought it would be good to show you guys few adorable pieces from Born Pretty which could please your kids.   Back To School With Cute Stationery  Lovely Animal A6 Note Book Sticky Note This is amazingly  cute note book plus sticky note pad . The sticky stripes can be used for the book mark function or these could be used for certain note and stick to your refrigerator in your home. This sticky note pad is so tin

Hugh Jackman Wears Levi’s® Red Tab™ Jeans On The Cover of Men’s Health

This August, it seems fashion editors around the world just can’t get enough of Levi’s®. 501® Jeans and shorts for instance are featured in the pages of many international magazines, but most importantly, actor Hugh Jackman is on the cover of Men’s Health UK in a pair of Levi’s® Red Tab™ jeans. And man does he wear them well! Hugh Jackman Wears Levi’s® Red Tab™ Jeans On The Cover of Men’s Health Hugh is all about body and fitness and always keeps in great shape. The 44-year-old Aussie star, stylishly dressed in Levi’s® jeans and a casual grey shirt, shows off his impressive physique and exercise regime in the August issue of Men’s Health UK - a typical Jackman workout takes an hour to 90 minutes, including warm-up and cardio sessions. In the magazine interview he reveals that on a personal level, he has had anger issues in the past and is keeping a lid on them through exercise and meditation. ‘When I was younger I was very explosive. I used to let most of it out playing rug

Essie Nail Polish - Review + Swatches

Hey Fashion Geeks! Essie Nail Polish - Review + Swatches Many of you knew that recently Essie launched in Pakistan which is probably new big thing in Pakistan. You're excited, I'm excited and yeah everyone is excited about these  fabulous nail polishes. To be very honest, I had never tried Essie nail polishes before. Because, Essie was not available in twin cities of Pakistan. So the lack of availability was the reason I never tried it before. The time  never remains same or life never stays the same. Essie Nail Polish - Review + Swatches Anyways get back to the review. I got Essie Nail Polish in Really Red. The red is my color. I love the trend "Matching Lips with fingertips". Red lips with red nails looks amazing all together. It totally looks retro to particular look. So lets start the actual review. What the brand says about and what I really experience by apply the Essie Nail Polish in 'Really Red'. Essie Nail Polish - Review +

Nail Art Decoration Kit - Review & NOTD

Hey my lovely followers! Nail Art Decoration Kit  Today I'm going to share with you girls a review which is on Nail Art Decoration Kit   and also I'm going to share with you nail art of the day by using this kit. So this kit contains: 6 Bottles Of Nail Art Micro Beads One Piece Of Wooden Stick  One Piece File One Piece glue, weight 2g The micro beads in it are similar to the most hyped Ciate Nail Art Micro Beads which are very expensive and one cannot afford them easily. I'm a person who just do nail art occasionally so for me spending my money on such expensive thing which I don't use that much is useless. So these nail art decoration kit was a better choice for me rather then to spend on Ciate Micro Beads. I've also seen such micro beads in drug store brands like MUA which was about $5 and you get only one colour at the end. No doubt the quantity is greater than this kit. The length of this kit is some how same as compare to I phone 5 leng

Tale Of Red Lipstick Rouge Dior- Ad Campaign

Tale Of Red Lipstick Rouge Dior 1961 Tale Of Red Lipstick Rouge Dior 1966 Tale Of Red Lipstick Rouge Dior 1987 Tale Of Red Lipstick Rouge Dior 2006 Tale Of Red Lipstick Rouge Dior 2013