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Benton Fermentation Essence & Benton Fermentation Eye Cream - Review

Hello Lovelies! Hope you all are doing great. I actually been busy with motherhood. Now I'm back with new pace. I'm also dieting eating healthy is a good thing but also difficult for me to eat greens all day. So let's talk about Benton Fermentation Essence & Benton Fermentation Eye Cream. I got these two products in mid summer. After testing these I thought why not to share my honest thoughts with you guys. as I'm so into Asian beauty product and by the way Asian countries are actually creating genuine formula's and West is so obsessed with their beauty products. And they eventually coming up with same thing but different brand name. Sorry don't mind but it's actually true. let me give you few examples like BB cream, CC cream, Cushion Foundation etc. 

Mustela Musti Eau De Soin Delicate Fragrance

Hello Lovelies! Hope you're doing great and most of you are enjoying holiday season. Being a mother I'm much concerned about my baby. Before her birth me and my husband really into shopping but now we usually get less for ourselves! welcome to parenthood! Recently Mustela Pakistan send me a full size Musti Eau De Soin Delicate Fragrance along with free samples. And if you want to see the samples scroll straight down. 

Natalie Portman Channels Jackie Kennedy for New York Magazine


Pantone Color Of The Year 2017: Greenery

Hello Loveiles! Hope you all are doing good. 2017 is almost there. And the designers from the globe working on their color palette for spring 2017.  So it's time to share the color of the year 2017. Earlier today Pantone announced the color of the year 2017 is Greenery 15-0343. It's a flash , lush and fresh color of the year. Personally I'm loving this color cause of it's freshness and sootheness. So are you ready to wear Greenery color in 2017.  I went last week to Sana Safinaz store to shop their shawl collection 2016. There I saw this three piece suit totally inspired by the Greenery Color. That time I thought it's too bright for this grey winter. So I chose other Orange with grey base suit. Now I regret! But I have eyes on this jora. Now no worries I will definitely grab that Greenery inspired jora. Here are the few images I actually downloaded from google images for sharing with you guys to get an idea what Pantone Color of the year 2017

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Collection for Baby - Review

Hello Lovelies!    Hope you all are doing great and enjoying this chill December. I actually hate winter time cause it's grey and lazy. Anyways! Let's talk about my thoughts after using Palmer's baby care products on my baby. Palmer's comes to our country Pakistan officially yayyyy!  So I thought why not share my experience with you guys.  They actually launched their new formula which is Cocoa Butter. It's smells so good and yummy. And Formula is safe and sound.

Anna Ewers Stuns in Miu Miu for the Cover of Vogue Japan January 2017 Issue


Women's Latest Fashion Trends for Autumn 2016

Fashion is an  essential element of your persona.  What you wear and how you illustrate your style are really some of the significant factors to properly represent before others.  Thi s is highly mattered by ladies all across Pakistan. T hey like t o get an insight of what style is prevailingly trending .  Fashion for  women is  one of the hottest topic s  all around the world. Pakistani women  seek for new  trends to look fabulous before their peers or friends. 

The Born Pretty Store Haul!

Hello lovelies! As the fall is around the corner. And I'm obsessed with sorbet colors. I don't have any idea why I'm so into Pinks, greens and yellows. Probably these sorbet colors not meant for   winters. To me the  winter is the only season which is grey and lazy.  As I'm obsessed with pink, I decided to have something pink and cute in my bag from Born Pretty Store . So I got totally cute pinky wallet and a very elegant iPhone bag 2in1. Mini Beauty Haul!

Hello my loveiles!  Here is another quick post about beauty products, it's about my online shopping experience. Yeah, this is a totally new website for me and probably for you too. It's . is owned by the Gerry’s Group, therefore, trustworthy. So let me introduce you the site! 

Artis Brushes Dupe Alert!

Hello Lovelies!  Oval Brush Set Hope you all are doing great! Finally I get hands on these Artis Dupe . I was searching for these since last year. I got these amazing oval brushes from Born Pretty Store . It only costs $19.99. Seriously these are very worth trying each brush is in such a good quality. 

Print Shrint Photo Magnets!

Hello Lovelies!  Hope you are doing great! That's pleasantly good to know. Recently I got something very trendy and sweet. A package from Print Shrint and what's inside yes it's easy by looking at the subject of the post. Yup the photo magnets for my refrigerator. And Print Shrint did an amazing job. 

Hair Band Haul For My Daughter

Hello Lovelies! Hope you all are doing great and enjoying summer vacations. I'm obsessed with hair bands cause my daughter Fajr has few hair not that thick what we actually expecting. So pins and ponies are not staying on her head because of thin hair. So I got two hair bands from Born Pretty Store

BTW Pakistan Chikan Kari Collection

Hello my fashionistas! Just in time when Eid is around the corner I just wanted to introduce you a Chikan Kari Collection from the brand based in Lahore, Pakistan called BTW|By The Way . BTW Pakistan is new in town but it gain such overwhelming response in such less time.  I'm pretty impressed by their chikan kari collection. So trendy, perfect combination of pastels and bright hues. The pants are to die for and so the kurtis are! Loving every single detail, embroidery is fine, wispy and exceptional! Totally adore the chikan kari collection! So what are you waiting for go and grab something from their collection and be a fashionista on this Eid! Oh and one more thing they do have such pop art shopping bags which are so cute!! Sadly they don't have online store or any other branch in Pakistan so you've to visit their outlet in Lahore. Lahoris are so lucky I must say!

Haul From Born Pretty Store

Hello Everyone! Today I'm here to share with you guys my haul from Born Pretty Store . So lets scroll down to see what I picked this time! So the first thing which caught my eyes was this adorable makeup brushes holder . Finally my makeup brushes got a new room to sit! Well you can use this holder to store anything like nail art brushes, pencils etc! Loving each and every detail!

The Body Shop Color Crush Lipstick in 201 Redhot Raspberry

Hello lovelies! Hope you all are doing great and enjoying summer vacations. Coming to the point I recently got this color crush lipstick in 201 Redhot Raspberry  from The Body Shop in this Mother's Day 2016. I already review on The Body Shop Color Crush Lipstick few years back.

My picks from The Body Shop for Mother's day

Hello Lovelies! Hope you're doing great and enjoying this burning sun. Happy summer! Yup it's getting hot here in Pakistan. Hope everyone safe from this cooking summer. Getting back to point, recently The Body Shop Pakistan gave us bloggers to grab something amazing for our beautiful moms from the brand. They gave us voucher of 10,000 PKR. So me and mom went to The Body Shop outlet to avail the great opportunity. 

Lomi Lomi 7 Skin Scheduler Mask

Hello lovelies!  Hope you all doing great. And yes I finally got my hands on mask sheet thanks to Skin18. It's a great site for mask sheet lover. They have great variety of mask sheet and these mask sheets are made in Korea. So I feel magic in these mask sheets. So let's get started a precise review. Lomi Lomi 7 skin schedule  pack comes with seven different mask sheets. The pack look like a book to me. A really like the packaging of the pack. Because the names written on the front tells entire story that what's exactly inside. 

Gucci Pre-Fall 2016 Campaign by Glen Luchford

Hello lovelies! Gucci Pre-Fall 2016 Campaign by Glen Luchford It's been ages that I'm not coming up with some ad campaigns from various well-known brands. So finally I'm sharing this gorgeous  Gucci Ad Campaign which is by Glen Luchford. And I'm totally loving the entire theme with shooting models along with flamingo and I believe flamingo is the basic element in this shoot.

What's In My Bag?

Hello lovelies!  Hope you all are doing great, I'm here to post bag tag. I had published a post with the same tag few years back. So let's talk about bag and if you're interested to find what's my in my bag so keep reading this post. 

Tasty Peach Studios | Grumpy Sheep Charm And Lanyard

Hello lovelies!  Look what I got few days back. It's a   Grumpy Sheep charm and lanyard from Tasty Peach Studios . It's a great store for the lovers of toys and anime characters. The store has great variety with good quality of clothing, plushes, accessories and wigs inspired by famous anime character. I personally love this Grumpy Sheep character. Ans you must be thinking why I choose this one from the site because Black And grey goes with any color. The most striking color is red and catching my eye. I love to use this charm with my USB flash drive. And I'm keeping this lanyard for my daughter.  Hope you like this post. Do check out Tasty Peach Studios to grab something really  cute, fun, silly and funtastic.  Plus don't forget to use 'maria20off' to get 20% discount and this is valid till March 8th 2016.

Super Cute Beauty Haul!

 Hello lovelies! Super Cute Beauty Haul Hope you're doing great. Today I'm sharing my cutest haul of the year I believe. I ordered three super cute beauty products from Born Pretty Store .   Shijing Hand Cream Mengkou Hand Cream Lanzore Roll-On Deodorant  Super Cute Beauty Haul

Kawaii Box January 2016 Unboxing And Giveaway

Hello lovelies!  Kawaii Box January 2016 Recently I got my Kawaii Box cuteness in one box, fill with loads of cute items. Kawaii Box is a monthly Kawaii subscription. It's really affordable,  Starting From $17.30 / Month. So hold your breath cause I.m unboxing. I.m super excited to open it. So let's unbox. Plus do open the entire post and find the Giveaway button on the very end of the post and get a chance to win the Cutest Kawaii Box. Kawaii Box

Lenzing Spring/Summer 2017 Color Trends

Each mood board contains keywords and color palettes with PANTONE® reference numbers. Lenzing Spring/Summer 2017 Color Trends

Fashion And Color Trends 2016 From Pakistan

Hello my Fashion Geeks! Hope you're doing well. I'm back with another fashion and color forecasting post. Previously I had written trend post named 'Fashion & Color Trend 2013 From Pakistan' some time in that year. Rose Quartz And Serenity This year Pantone announced 2016 color the year PANTONE 13-1520 Rose Quartz & 15-3919 Serenity. This is the first time in the history of Pantone to launched two colors at the same time of the year. Both colors are belong to Pink and Blue color palette and different in terms of nature. Rose Quartz is warmer where Serenity is more cooler at it's side. However they look good together and shows some harmony. Talking about clothing, get some time and dye your scarf with these two colors, Perhaps these two looks good on walls of your room. Because it's a great combination and soothes eyes .  PANTONE 13-1520 Rose Quartz & 15-3919 Serenity

Go retro with Born pretty store Jewellery pieces

Hello lovelies  The 90's is back in fashion. The best fashion moment of 90's was so loud and bright sounds crazy but that was the brauty of that decade. This time I grab Jewelry from Born Pretty store . It's just like that I'm back to 90's or in my childhood. My mom has some jewelry  pieces in that time. I have my mom's photos where she wore same these jewelry but I won't able to share due to privacy reasons.