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Jewelry Trends for 2013

Hey Fashion Lovers!

This time, I'm more concerned to guide my Pakistani girls who are totally in love with jewelry every season. There is a strong relationship between Pakistani women and jewelry. So I thought why not  to bring something new which I had not posted previously on my own blog. Well, I visited few website most of them are foreign. I found few trends which are more wearable and suitable to Pakistani culture. Here are few most wearable jewelry trends for 2013.

Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend

Diamonds are huge for 2013. Most ladies have diamonds on their jewelry collection. These are made for women. A diamond ring could make your entire look more refine and dainty. I know diamonds are most expensive. But you can get any diamond jewelry from your mother. Personally I have few pieces.  I also asked my Mom to give me her diamond jewelry for this year. These days, I'm totally digging to get any piece from  Diamond Gallery by Asim Jofa. 

Jewelry Trends for 2013 from Pakistan: Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend
Diamond Gallery by Asim Jofa

Oversized Watch

Yet again over sized watches are so into fashion this year. I'm happy this trend sticks to 2013 as well. Infact this is the most popular trend for this year 2013. The oversiazed watches could be wear with number of bracelets randomly. Personally I do like to wear with bracelets or bangles. So overload your arms with these urban oversized watches.

Jewelry Trends for 2013 from Pakistan: Oversized Watch

Jewelry Trends for 2013 from Pakistan: Oversized Watch
Michael Kors
Small Rose Gold Chronograph Watch, $250

Bold Cuffs

Another way to add sparkle to your outfit by wearing bold, simple cut and solid colored cuffs this summer. It really goes with your lawn and cotton suiting. I prefer to buy Afghani ones from any stall or handicraft shops. These are easily available here in Islamabad. I'm also planning to get couple of them. These sort of cuff might have in your old jewelry boxes. If you're hitting to Murree, then do grab!

Jewelry Trends for 2013 from Pakistan: Bold Cuffs
Pamela Love

Jewelry Trends for 2013 from Pakistan: Bold Cuffs
Yves Saint LaurentRope Cuff, $559

Go Vintage

One of the great inspirations for 2013 is the Antique look, and after seeing ad campaign for spring/summer 2013 like Oscar the la Renta. I just noticed that the Victorian era has been one of the most popular among many high end designers. The picture featured below  a bridal set  by Hanif Jewellers, Lahore and since their previous collection is so amazing I decided to feature their gorgeous face Aaminah Haq as well to show the world the beauty of Pakistan. 

Jewelry Trends for 2013 from Pakistan: Go Vintage
Hanif Jewellers 

Get Geometric

Geometric jewelry is definitely back in 2013 giving you the opportunity to re-use some of the pieces that you already have in your jewelry box. But if you need an update, so you should focus on distinguished pieces that emphasizes on repetition as well such as this silver triangular or circular like hoops. It's pretty easy to get hoops from your nearest market. 

Jewelry Trends for 2013 from Pakistan: Get Geometric
Alexis Bittar
Inner Spiked Hoop Earrings, $195

Neon Jewelry

Another fun trend that started in 2012 and continues this year 2013 is NEON jewelry. Earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets are a great way to add color to a an outfit with solid colored lawn/cotton  shirt. you will find neon jewelry in a variety of materials. Plastic beads and chains are so in, neon colored metals and neon rhinestones are also a super hit. I collected few photos to clear the exact picture of neon jewelry trend . This trend is huge for summer to me.

Jewelry Trends for 2013 from Pakistan: Neon Jewelry 
CC Skye 
Neon PinkGold Screw Bracelet, $95.00

Jewelry Trends for 2013 from Pakistan: Neon Jewelry

Jewelry Trends for 2013 from Pakistan: Neon Jewelry
Multicolored Bangles

Bold Link Chains

Metal link chains, specially bold metal link chains are one of the most wanted trend for 2013. Bold chains will not only be seen in jewelry but also will be incorporated into a variety of accessories such as handbags, shoes and even belts. The Link chains in every materials are available at Haroon's, Rawalpindi. So get chained up for this year.

Jewelry Trends for 2013 from Pakistan: Bold Link Chains
Mahira Khan

Jewelry Trends for 2013 from Pakistan: Bold Link Chains
Metal Link Chain, Spring Summer 2013 Collection

So are you really ready to rock this year 2013 by following few jewelry trends featured above. I'm sure few jewelry trends are already in your jewelry boxes. So get the opportunity to re-use them. Your old jewelry is must missing you!

Hope I guided you in a right manner. 
What do you like/dislike about these featured jewelry trends?
Share your opinions by commenting below. Your comments made my everyday.

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  1. Great post dear, I really like the oversized watches and the bold link chains ;D

    xoxo Julieta

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks My favorite reader Chai. keep visiting me :)

  3. Love all these trends! These are as true in Pakistan as in Canada, I think my mom bought my dad a rolex last year just so she could have a oversized watch to wear haha Diamonds are truly a girls best friend, nothing gets them more excited!

    1. Yes Indeed. Pakistani trends usually dependent on western world. Thanks Ahmad for sharing your thoughts and opinions :)
      Greetings from Pakistan

  4. Great post and a very thorough jewelry trend edit! I love all your picks, especially the cuffs.


    1. Thanks alot for liking all the picks. I also love to wear bold cuffs :)

  5. So many beautiful trends, the chains and the cuffs are my favorites.

    I just launch an International Giveaway in my blog! A $65 Statement necklace! Besos!

    1. Mine too. I had visited and participated to your giveaway as well :)

  6. Love oversized watches...great post!!

  7. awesome!!!love the cuffs and the big watches!!!!

    1. Thanks for visiting me. I do like oversized watches but I don't have these sort of watches in my jewelry box. Will get this in spring :)

  8. You have some wonderful trends in here. I would love to get my hands on that versace watch! My brother gave me the Michael Kors watch for christmas and I wear it all the time.

    1. Lucky you. At least you have Michael Kors Watch. I don't have any of them :(. Poor me. Well this spring I'm planning to get it soon :)

  9. Good information dear. Some more interesting stuff about Mens Watches Trend


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