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Essie Nail Polish - Review + Swatches

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Essie Nail Polish - Review + Swatches

Many of you knew that recently Essie launched in Pakistan which is probably new big thing in Pakistan. You're excited, I'm excited and yeah everyone is excited about these fabulous nail polishes. To be very honest, I had never tried Essie nail polishes before. Because, Essie was not available in twin cities of Pakistan. So the lack of availability was the reason I never tried it before. The time never remains same or life never stays the same.

Essie Nail Polish - Review + Swatches

Anyways get back to the review. I got Essie Nail Polish in Really Red. The red is my color. I love the trend "Matching Lips with fingertips". Red lips with red nails looks amazing all together. It totally looks retro to particular look. So lets start the actual review. What the brand says about and what I really experience by apply the Essie Nail Polish in 'Really Red'.

Essie Nail Polish - Review + Swatches

What Essie Really Red Nail Polish Says?
Classic, bold & pure. The perfect shade of truly rich red lacquer – universally flattering in winter, spring, summer & fall. Brush it on and paint the town fabulous.

Essie Nail Polish - Review + Swatches

My Experience:
According to the recent research, most of the women love the shades of red on their nails. I love to  paint my nails red. Red nail color is my all time favorite color  no matter what is in vogue. Seriously it really suits on my complexion. Apparently, the red colored nail polish brighten up the Asian skin tones. Applying a darker tone nail paint it's little tricky. I feel comfort while applying this gorgeous shade. The consistency is slightly thick and it provides full and even coverage to my nails with two coats which is good enough for finished look. Surprisingly, there  is no streaking or bubbling which is amazing thing to me. The nail polish don't pool a long the edges. The nail polish don't chip off even when you take bath which is highly impressive point about it.

Essie Nail Polish - Review + Swatches

I swatch this baby quite hurry. Actually I got excited and that's what I bring to you. Bad! I'm pretty clumsy. So have a look and find the untidiness. I'm sorry I assure you that next time I will not be this much reckless. 

Essie Nail Polish - Review + Swatches

Price: PKR750 Each

If you're reading this from Rawalpindi then you can find Essie Nail Polish from Sobia's, Chaklala Scheme III, Rawalpindi.

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Disclaimer: This is a PR sample provided to me by a PR company for review purpose. But my opinion is not affected by this. My opinion is 100% honest and genuine.


  1. Beautiful color.

  2. Essie polishes are the best - I love that their bright colours really are bright, a fact that doesn't apply to many other brands. And they stay on for ages! The only polishes that last longer on my nails are Dior ;)


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  5. Color looks amazing and very trendy. Love the review and beautiful detailed photographic skills made it look like the product is actually sitting in front of the viewers eye. Fab :) will like to try it

  6. I love this color! Buying it for sure!!!


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