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Back To School With Cute Stationery


Back To School With Cute Stationery 

It's been almost three months of enjoying the summer party which seems like it never end. Yeah I 'm talking about the summer vacations - a great escape from studies and school routine. However there are many schools in Pakistan used to give summer tasks which is more healthy in terms of learning. Most of schools are starting from next week. So most of your kids are packing their bags with loads of stationery. The best part of starting the school again is to get brand new stationery. So I thought it would be good to show you guys few adorable pieces from Born Pretty which could please your kids.  

Back To School With Cute Stationery 

Lovely Animal A6 Note Book Sticky Note

This is amazingly cute note book plus sticky note pad. The sticky stripes can be used for the book mark function or these could be used for certain note and stick to your refrigerator in your home. This sticky note pad is so tiny and cute so you could easily carry even in your pocket. Born Pretty  has other three editions as well. I like to get in this cutie cat faced note. So luckily I got the same one which I really want to have in my bag.

Lovely Animal A6 Note Book Sticky Note

Material: Paper
Weight : 20g
Size: 11*9cm

Lovely Animal A6 Note Book Sticky Note

Super Cute Cartoon 3D Animal Ballpoint Pen

Aww this is shoo cute. This is what I screamed when I got this Super Cute Cartoon 3D Animal Ballpoint Pen in mail. I'm in love with pandas after receiving this pen.  The nip and the grip of pen is quite good. Plus the quality of the plastic is good enough for the kids to grab around. Born Pretty has 4 patterns which is randomly deliver. So when you are ready to order these pens do mention the pattern. 

Super Cute Cartoon 3D Animal Ballpoint Pen

Material: Plant essential oil
Ink Color: Black
Size: The length is about 16cm
The Write thickness: 0.38mm

Super Cute Cartoon 3D Animal Ballpoint Pen

Colorful Pen With Drilling Pastels Essential

Emerald is my color one can see my blog current design in my favorite color. The Colorful Pen With Drilling Pastels Essential are available in 12 colors. So hit Born Pretty and grab your favorite color to write in style this year by using this amazingly cool smart colored pen. 
Material: Plastic
Ink Color: Different color random delivery
Weight: 10g
Size: 16cm
The Write thickness: 0.38m

Colorful Pen With Drilling Pastels Essential

You can purchase these adorable stationery from

And don't forget to use the coupon code in the below image to avail 10% discount.

Hope you enjoy this post. 
Happy Schooling :)

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Disclaimer: This is a PR sample provided to me by a PR company for review purpose. But my opinion is not affected by this. My opinion is 100% honest and genuine.


  1. Real cute stationary. Like the pen its adorable.

  2. wow its sucha a cute post maria.Welcome to the treehouse <3 following you now.
    Do visit my blog too :)

  3. School has already started :(

  4. I love cute stationary--this used to be my favorite part of back-to-school shopping. I really like the sticky note set you have featured here too--I would still use this (if I wouldn't get laughed at, at work).


  5. Everything is so damn cute!

    Would you like to follow each other on Bloglovin and GFC? Take a look into my blog and let me know!

  6. Interested in following each other via GFC?


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