Saturday, January 12, 2013

Trend Report: Men's Hairstyles 2013

Hey My Fashion Geeks!

It is been two weeks almost,  I was trying to upload this post specially  for Men. Sadly I was damn busy with studies like my thesis. Now I am back to business. So this time I have decided to post some trends for real guys who really follow and set fashion. Last year's hair trends are sightly different  from 2013 year styles. When I was searching Men's hairstyles trends. I was little amazed to see the styles because these are totally from mid ninety's. These hairstyles are easy to follow and does not look weird. The vivid men's hairstyles 2013 are featured below visually.

Men's Hair Trend 2013

The Messy Crop

The Curly Top Fop

The Straight Blow Back

The Messy Top Cut

The Sleek Blow Back

The James Franco

The Layered Side Comb

The High Blow Back

The Short Quiff

The Sleek Side Comb

The Thick Side Comb

The Blended Short Cut

The Peaked Jagged Cut

My Favorited hairstyle which I really like for this year 2013 is 'The Sleek Side Comb'. So what style makes  you ladies really crazy for your Men. Do share your thoughts :)

Hope you like this post!

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