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Elizavecca Haul!


Hope you all are doing great. I'm desperately waiting for spring season as it my favorite season of the year. I'm get rid of the winters now. I need a great change in my life. Like I'm literally eating greens and detox  to get lose some wight. Any how coming back to the post. These days I'm so into Korean beauty products cause of their creative packaging and formulas. the cute packaging made to grab Korean Beauty items. Last month I got a mail from Elizavecca. If you really want to find what I actually got from Elizavecca so keep scrolling. 
Elizavecca Pore Solution Super Elastic Mask Pack

This Mask is super adorable in terms of packaging in pink color and look at the avatar so cute na. All  the step by step description is printed on mask pack. It's ideal for mature skin like me. I'm into thirties and fine lines are appearing on my skin due to aging or maybe I'm not taking good care of my skin like not drinking enough water. At the time of applying the mask was bit painful. As it's a elastic mask it actually lift the skin and prevent wrinkles. But I find it good and this made me satisfied.

Elizavecca Pore Solution Super Elastic Mask Pack

Elizavecca Collagen Hair Treatment

Elizavecca Collagen hair treatment is best for damaged hair. This gives nutrition to your dull or damage hair. It has highly protein component along with vegan ingredients. I used these two on my hair. The results were quiet satisfying from very first use. 

Collagen protein coating hair pack

There are two steps to used. first just shampoo your hair and applied Collagen protein coating hair pack and wait for five minutes. After five minutes rinse hair with lukewarm water. You will find great results I must say.

Collagen protein coating hair pack

Elizavecca CER - 100 injection is totally used for heat projection, Before using any heating tool just applied on your center part of your hair and then start styling. It prevent heat and don't damage hair. It gives back life to your hair.

Elizavecca CER - 100 injection

Elizavecca CER - 100 injection

I totally adore the packaging of these two and seriously this made me grab these two stunning products. 

Elizavecca 24K Waterdrop Cream

This cream is totally on my hit list. I give this Elizavecca 24K Waterdrop Cream five out of five. Because it's super easy to apply and results are quiet amazing. Just apply it on your skin of your face before sleeping. Or you can apply it before using makeup but you need to wipe your face. It work as hell good as moisturizer. It moist your skin and gives loads of glow like putting some gold on your face. Your face simply looks radiant and stunning after using it.

Elizavecca 24K Waterdrop Cream

Hope you like the post. If you already used any of these. Do share your thoughts. Have a nice weekend. 

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  1. The packaging of these products is really cute! Pore essentials are indeed the "in" thing lately as well.

    ♥ Chai Chen ♥ @chenmeicai


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