Thursday, March 3, 2016

What's In My Bag?

Hello lovelies! 

Hope you all are doing great, I'm here to post bag tag. I had published a post with the same tag few years back. So let's talk about bag and if you're interested to find what's my in my bag so keep reading this post. 

I love carry this bag. Oh yeah you guess the brand right, it's by Chinyere. It's Desi/local brand from Pakistan. I love Chinyere products. I'm carrying this bag since January 2016. By the way it's little old bag I bought it two years go when I was shopping for my wedding. I carried this hardly two times I guess. Now my Daughter is grown up. So I'm not carrying her diaper bag. And I believe half moon shaped bags are in vogue. So yeah I'm loving this bag much more.

So I usually put stuff that I usually use on daily bases. I wallet is must plus my phone. The wallet was send by Mango Pakistan as a gift for their loyal customer. They send me two the other was Black in color  but I actually gave that black color wallet to my baby sister. A bobby pins and safety pins really save a day I guess. These pins are from Born Pretty Store. I also put some jewelry items, if I need to wear. These pair of earrings are from Mango too. I bought it last year on Eid. 

The skincare, perfume and hand sanitizer is must for me. I actually carry hand cream, lip balm. But these days I'm obsessed carrying this mini size body butter by The Body Shop. I'm carrying a pretty cute perfume oil bottle. by The Body shop. It's mini in sized and perfect for my current bag. The hand sanitizer is by bath and Body works. I bought it recently from Al Fatah Store. This hand sanitzer have glitter specs in it. And it smells so good. 

Us girls love to carry makeup in our bags for touch ups. I have combination skin. I love to have my compact powder with me all the time when I step out. Plus a love to have some deluxe size products. These mini sized makeup products look so cute, handy and don't take much space. The YSL lipstick is little heavier and big in size comparing to my other carried products. But I love red lips. This YSL Red Muse lipstick made my teeth whiter. 

I also put hair clip, nail filler and a mini tin box for putting something important live safety pin and memory card. Hope you like this post and find it interesting/nice.

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