Thursday, January 28, 2016

Go retro with Born pretty store Jewellery pieces

Hello lovelies 

The 90's is back in fashion. The best fashion moment of 90's was so loud and bright sounds crazy but that was the brauty of that decade. This time I grab Jewelry from Born Pretty store. It's just like that I'm back to 90's or in my childhood. My mom has some jewelry  pieces in that time. I have my mom's photos where she wore same these jewelry but I won't able to share due to privacy reasons. 

I pick multi colored rhinestone earrings with gold rose base which is totally chic and elegant. This pair of earrings goes with every colored dress. I prefer a solid colored dress looks nice with these earrings. I go for white or black color. I avoid pairing these with a printed dress. Because eyes hurt I'm so much will be happening and distract eyes.

The size of the earrings are not that much big neither small. It's just pwrfect in shape and size to me. It's round and steady. And  sparkles like diamond shine. That's a plus point though. 

I also grab matching ring just like 'matching lips with finger tips' this was a tagline of Revlon.

The shape, size, design and color is totally same. I love matching sets when it comes to jewelry.And hey look at my hand these look beautiful. This rings suits to any sort of hands. Nothing matters when it comes to complexion. I believe that rhis ring suits to everyone. 

The third item which I grab is the brooch. Look how cute is this. So tiny and adorable. This is totally inspired by the cards. I really like to wear this on my coat. 

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  1. Great jewelry!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
    Xoxo, Victoria