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What's In My Bag?

Hey Fashion Lovers!

What's In My Bag

I know currently, to many people, there's nothing new about posting 'What's in my bag or purse'. In fact  most of the girls on You-tube and blog-sphere already did it plenty of times seasonally plus occasionally. But to me it's more curious. I remember, when I was just a kid I used to think what sort of things are in my elder cousins bag. I mean what they are carrying around. Haha, that's cheesy or maybe I was just a stupid curious kid. Perhaps I always wanted to get surprises more likely candies or any chocolate bar made me wide eyed in my childhood days. Anyway, I thought why not I show you guys what I'm carrying around in my bag. This specific post could show you my country's state of mind like few local names and our currency. I'm glad to tell you that this post will be unique and vary person to person plus land to land. 

So, I'm revealing what I'm hiding inside my bag.

This MBA thing blinded me!

The bag I'm carrying around these days is my darling leather bag from Jafferjees. It's a sweetheart or just like apple of my eye. I'm in love with this bag. You must be thinking why I'm so obsessed with it. Actually there is a reason behind this, one of my dearest and nearest friend gifted me this most expensive bag from Jafferjees. The Jafferjees is well known name in Pakistan fashion industry. Perhaps in Pakistan carrying Jafferjees bag is just like carrying a Louis Vuitton bag. Why it that because of it's high priced tag. The bag has lots of space. Gladly it has ability to put heavy stuff like thick books. The color is black which could be boring to you most probably. I think dark tones are perfect for leather. The worst part of leather is it used to look shabby after few months. One can see there are lots of wrinkles on my bag. But these wrinkles could spot the originality of leather. 

Jafferjees Bag

Wallet and Planner:
Wallet is a basic need or maybe its a coordinator of any bag. The wallet is where money lives for passage of time. But here in my case I used to run out of money. My daddy is my credit card and I'm still daddy's girl hehe. Although it's a bad  thing but my dad won't let me work, poor me. Anyway I bought the wallet from Haroon's. It's wide zipper wallet. I put my university ID card along with few  shopping and visiting cards. Oh, I was about to forgot the planner I'm carrying this eight years old planner since the day my sweet auntie gifted me from Germany. Still in this digital age, there is a need for planner because it's handy for writing something important notice or writing some info like telephone number. So planner or a little dairy along with pen is must for everyday use.

Wallet and Planner

Makeup & Fragrance:
I do not carry loads of makeup items along with me. I prefer few to be used as essential for routine. The fragrance and makeup items I used to carry around are listed below.

  • The Body Shop Lily Cole Hi Shine Lip Treatment
  • The Body Shop Lip Care Stick - Cocoa Butter
  • The Body Shop Wild Rose Hand Cream SPF 15
  • ETUDE HOUSE Lovely Cookie Blusher 
  • Diana of London Movie Magic Mascara
  • Dettol Hand Sanitizer
  • Pretty Elizabeth Arden Eau de Parfum Spray
Makeup & Fragrance

Jewelry and Hair Pin:
I also do carry a watch a pair of earring and my favorite hair stick by Haroons. Actually I only wear watch occasionally during class final presentations. This gold watch is oldie but goodie too to me. It's another gift by my auntie from Germany. I Google the watch's brand but I never get any information regarding it. I do not know every time I Google a certain brand from Germany. Google failed to search German brands. I don't know why this happened to me a lot. This thing makes me that the things I have from Germany are undiscovered. 

Jewelry and Hair Pin

Mirror and Comb:
A Mirror tells you what's happening on your face and hair. A mini/pocket size comb could set your hairstyle on the go. So these two are essential or survival for girls even for boys as well. I'm carrying mirror and comb since ages. And I heard that Paul Mitchell latest limited collection Prom Survival Kit - Mini will help you prep for the big nights. I think it's easy to carry around that mini sized collection to fix the hair on the go. I'm looking forward to get those hair collection soon from Shahen chemist. 

Mirror and Comb

Altoids Tin:
The super cute Altoids small tins makes my life easy. I love utilizing Altoids tins. I use it to put few paper pins, hair pins and safety pins. I don't have the standard size of Altoids which could be utilized as crayon box. You can put anything whatever you like to. So these could recycle at home by utilizing it.

I love utilizing Altoids tins

Opps I made a boo boo, I totally forgot about my cellphone the moment I was tapping the stuff. I'm so sorry! I promise next time I will be nearly perfect. I'm still far from perfect but I'll try again and again to reach the perfection. 

Hope you discover this post interesting.
So what are you hiding inside your bags?

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  1. Gyaaah I am pretty much like you! Bag is filled with girly beauty stuff hehe. :)

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    Styling black, beige, nude, camel colors!

    ❤ ~Chai
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  2. love such posts, sounds nosy yes but seriously I cant help it :p, interesting stuff, how did you find the TBS hand cream, is it good for dry skins?

    1. Yes it is really effective. Just worth buying product :)

  3. i think these kinds of posts are so interesting, love your bag!


  4. Smart and beautiful!! I like!!

  5. Love whats in my bag posts, your bag is gorgeous and I love your hand cream

    A little bit Unique - Blog // Facebook // Bloglovin


  6. Thank you for the lovely comment :))


  7. I think these posts are so fun. I just like seeing what fun stuff everyone is carrying. Also what a clever way to use the altoid box.

  8. This is such a great and fun post, you're so organized! One of my favourite scents is 'Pretty'. Really good selection of products and handbag must haves

    1. Aww thanks Sam for such a lovely comment :)

  9. hah these are great things!!


  10. great blog! of course I am staying and I am observing your blog! I am greeting and I am inviting to myself

  11. Hi dear!!
    Lovely post, i really like it :)
    Come back to my new post at;

  12. I daren't have a browse through my bag like this as I know there's LOADs of stuff in there I don't want to be in there! Think it needs a good Spring clean out!

    1. Oh. So makes us dare to stare at your bag! haha

  13. Loving the bag..and pretty much everything thats in it ;)

    1. Thanks for liking all of the stuff. Also Thank you for visiting me. Hope you will visit my blog soon :)

  14. luv you simple yet elegant jewelry & hair pin , & missing my Mkting clasz :)

    1. I appreciated your lovely comment. MBA is nightmare to me hehe.

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